Harvest Local Foods is proud to offer organically-grown or sustainably-raised:

  • Fresh produce
  • Meats, poultry, fish, meat alternatives
  • Eggs, cheeses, milk, raw milk
  • Breads and other baked goods
  • Prepared soups, salads and entrees
  • Dry goods and pantry items

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  1. Eat well! We live in one of the world’s great breadbaskets. Take advantage!
  2. Eat healthy! Eat lettuce that’s just lettuce – not lettuce plus pesticides. Eat beef that’s just beef – not beef plus hormones and antibiotics 
  3. Eat safe! Knowing where your food comes from is a great step in assuring its safety 
  4. Eat simple! Local food is so full of flavor and nutrients you can make quick, simple meals that taste better, nourish better, and fill you up with less food. Because of this, some customers report that their overall food costs haven't risen despite eating what seem to be more expensive foods.
  5. Eat delicious! Local food is fresh! It tastes so much better than faraway food that you have to try it to believe it.


During the growing season (mid-spring through late fall) 95% of the foods we offer are from local farms and producers. During the winter and early spring, we source some of our produce from farther away. We label each item as “L”, for local (within about a four hour drive), “R” for regional (east of the Mississippi River), or “D” for domestic (US) so that our customers can make informed choices.  We make every effort not to sell produce from outside North America with the exception of fair-trade bananas (from South America). Our dairy, meats and pantry items, excluding domestic olive oil and fair-trade vanilla, are local year-round.


  • Be flexible – crops grown on a small scale are varied in size, shape and appearance and getting them to market is a logistical challenge
  • Be understanding when items don’t come in – farmers can’t always predict ahead what will be ready to harvest and what won’t be.


We promise that the rewards far outweigh these minor inconveniences!

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